Delaware Offshore Company Formations

Delaware Offshore Company

Get a Delaware offshore company with bank account opening, nominee services, mailing address and mail forwarding or get only the services you require.

Benefits of a Delaware Offshore Company:

- No tax when doing business outside of the U.S.A.
- Privacy. Non-disclosure of managers and members of the Delaware LLC to the public.
- Bank accounts may be opened anywhere in the world. Here is a list of banks you can open an account with, if you do not have a bank in mind.
- No requirement for the Delaware LLC to file annual reports.
- No residence or citizen requirements for the managers and members of the LLC.
- One person can act as manager and member of the LLC.
- Convenient corporate maintenance requirements.
- Delaware LLCs pay a fixed annual renewal fee.
- New members and managers of the LLC are elected privately.

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Delaware offshore company fees.

US$525 - Formation Fee

- Formation of the company in Delaware.
- Registered agent fee.
- Electronic company documents.
- Initial manager and member.
- Company transferred to you privately.

US$750 - Bank Account Opening

- Opening the account for the company in the U.S.
- Operating the account for one year according to an agreement.
- Refund of bank account opening fee, if the account is not opened. We should have a decision from the bank within about 10 working days after the application is submitted.

US$500 - Operating the Bank Account (per year)

- Operating the account for one year according to an agreement.

US$300 - Providing a Member or Manager (per year)

- Acting as the member or manager of the company according to an agreement.

US$300 - Mailing Address and Mail Forwarding Services. (per year)

- Providing a mailing address.
- Forwarding physical mail received - by email. (Scanned and emailed to you.)

US$475 - Delaware Annual Renewal Fees

(Payable by June 1st of the following year. If the deadline is missed, late payment penalties will apply.)

- Delaware franchise tax.
- Registered agent fee.
- Our fee for attending to the above and compliance matters.


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Know Your Client Requirements

Before we proceed with a Delaware offshore company formation, we require the following two items for our records:
(The information will be held privately.)

1) A clear copy of the passport of each member/shareholder, officer, etc. in the offshore company. (Minimum is one)

2) A clear copy of a utility bill with a residential address for each member/shareholder, officer, etc. in the offshore company. (water, gas, electric, internet, cable, telephone, etc. - not more than three (3) months old).


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