Specialist in British Virgin Islands (BVI) Offshore Company Incorporations

BVI company shares (classes, number, and par value).

The shares issued by a BVI company can be made up of one class and one series of shares, namely ordinary shares and each share may be issued with or without a par value and any share issued with a par value may be issued in any currency. The company can also have two classes of shares with different rights and privileges. The company can issue fractions of a share and a fractional share shall have the same corresponding fractional liabilities, limitations, preferences, privileges, qualifications, restrictions, rights and other attributes of a whole share of the same class or series of shares. The standard number of shares for a BVI company is fifty thousand. If you want over this number of shares, you would incur additional incorporation and annual renewal fees.

The company may issue fully paid, partly paid or nil paid shares. A partly paid or nil paid share or a share issued for a promissory note or other written obligation for payment of a debt may be issued subject to forfeiture. Shares in the company may be issued for consideration in any form, including money, a promissory note or other obligation to contribute money or property, real property, personal property (including goodwill and know-how) services rendered or a contract for future services and the amount of such consideration shall be determined by the directors of the company, except that in the case of shares with par value, the amount shall not be less than the par value.

Every shareholder holding registered shares in the company shall be entitled to a share certificate signed by a director or officer of the company or such other person who may be authorized from time to time by resolution of directors or under the seal, with or without the signature of any director of the company, specifying the share or shares held by him and the signature of the director or officer or person so authorized and the seal may be facsimiles. If a share certificate for registered shares is worn out or lost it may be renewed on production of the worn out certificate or on satisfactory proof of its loss together with such indemnity as may be required by a resolution of directors. A share certificate is not required; however, every shareholder must be entered into the register of shareholders of the company. A share is deemed to be issued when the name of the shareholder is entered in the register of shareholders.


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