Specialist in British Virgin Islands (BVI) Offshore Company Incorporations

We provide BVI offshore company incorporations and related corporate services to clients worldwide. We are specialist in tax exempt BVI Companies. Capable professionals guide clients through the entire process. Feel free to ask questions and get clarification on issues you have before proceeding. Payment for new incorporations can be made after you receive the company documents and various payment options are available. Discounts are available on most of our services and can be negotiated.

By using a BVI company it may be possible to secure a number of advantages as opposed to incorporating in your home country. A few of these advantages are listed below.

- BVI Offshore Companies have tax-exempt status and does not pay any taxes on income, profits, or capital gains. There are no gift or inheritance taxes applied to the company.
- The annual government renewal fee for a BVI company is fixed and not related to profits.
- Privacy. Non-disclosure of directors, shareholders, and beneficial owners details of the BVI company to the public.
- Bank accounts may be opened anywhere in the world.
- No exchange controls in the BVI.
- Freedom of capital movement.
- No requirements for the company to file Annual Financial Statements with the BVI Companies Registry.
- The accounting books for the company could be kept in any part of the world.
- No residence requirements for the directors, officers, and shareholders of BVI companies.
- There is no requirement for the company to hold annual meetings of directors or shareholders.
- The resolutions of the company may be passed by electronic means or by circulating written resolutions for signing.
- The shares of the company may be issued to a person or a corporation.
- Shares of a BVI offshore company can be transferred to another person or corporation.
- Additional directors can be appointed to the company.
- A minimum of one shareholder is required for a BVI company.
- A minimum of one director is required for the company.
- The same person can act as director and shareholder of the company.
- A BVI offshore company may be used to own and operate businesses, act as a holding company, buy real estate, issue shares, bonds or otherwise raise capital, guarantee obligations, hire employees, buy goods and services, sell goods and services, make contracts, rent office space, maintain checking and saving accounts, and maintain retirement plans for employees.

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US$985 Incorporation Fee (plus courier/shipping fee)

- Incorporation of the company and initial structuring in accordance with your requirements.
- BVI Registered Agent and Registered Office for the company for the 1st Year.
- BVI Companies Registry incorporation fee for the 1st year.
- Corporate Kit documents. (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Minutes of the first meeting of director(s) for your signing, Register of Director(s) and Shareholder(s), Share Certificate, Application for Shares, Appointment of First Director(s), Consent to act as Director, and Corporate Seal.)

We accept payment by Credit Card, Mobile Payment App, Bank Wire Transfer, and BTC .

US$795 - Annual Renewal Fees

(Payable after the 1st year - If you want to keep the company's registration current)

- BVI Companies Registry Annual Renewal Fee.
- Renewal of the BVI Registered Agent and Office Fee.
- Attending to routine compliance matters, reviewing correspondence received and other routine matters related to good corporate governance.


US$1,500 - Nominee Director (per year)

US$1,000 - Nominee Shareholder (per year)

US$500 - Secretary (per year)

US$375 - Apostilling of the Incorporation Documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Appointment of First Director(s).) Required for a bank account opening by most banks.

US$275 - Certificate of Good Standing issued by the BVI Companies Registry. Used as evidence that the BVI company is in good standing at the BVI Companies Registry. (This certificate is mainly used after the 1st year of incorporation)

US$275 - Certificate of Incumbency (Registered Agent Certificate)

US$275 - Power of Attorney (If we provide a nominee director.)

US$275 - BVI Company Search at the BVI Companies Registry.

Contact us to request a Fee Quote for other services not listed here.

Professional Client Discount

NetIncorp.com offers professional clients (Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Services Providers, Financial Planners, Tax Planners, Corporate Services Resellers, Etc.) a discount on our company formation fees.

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Know Your Client Requirements

Before we proceed with an offshore company incorporation, we require acceptable due diligence. The due diligence and information collected for the company incorporation will be held privately.

To comply with our due diligence requirements we ask that you provide us with the following items:

1) A CERTIFIED clear copy of the passport of each director, shareholder/beneficial shareholder, secretary, officer, etc. in the proposed BVI company. (Specific certification requirements will be sent to you by email.)

2) A CERTIFIED clear copy of a utility bill with a residential address in relation to each director, shareholder/beneficial shareholder, secretary, officer, etc. in the proposed BVI company. (water, gas, electric, or telephone bill, credit card statement, etc. - not more than three (3) months old). (Specific certification requirements will be sent to you by email.)

3) A Reference letter (may be required) from a lawyer, law firm, bank, accountant, accounting firm or financial services firm. (an example will be provided)

BVI Corporate Services

BVI services are listed below. If you are interested in any of them, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you do not see the BVI service you require, please contact us with your request and we will advise you if we can provide the requested service.

- Nominee Director, Shareholder, and Secretary Services.
We provide nominee director, shareholder, and secretary services for the offshore companies we incorporate for our clients (if required). Nominees provide added privacy for clients.

- BVI Certificate of Good Standing.
We can provide a Certificate of Good Standing to clients that require such a certificate in relation to a BVI company. It can be used as evidence that a company is in good standing with the BVI Companies Registry.

- Legalization, Certification or Notarization of a document in the BVI.
We can arrange for the certification and/or notarization of various corporate documents, if such is required by the client of the company.

- Apostilling of a document by the BVI Government.
We can arrange for the Apostilling of various documents in the BVI for clients that require such services.

- Registration of Mortgages and Charges with the BVI Companies Registry.
We can file a register of mortgages and charges at the BVI Companies Registry if such is required by the client of a company under our control.

- Change of Company Name.
We can arrange for the name change of a BVI company with the BVI Companies Registry if such is required by the client.

- Amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of your company.
The Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) of your offshore company can be amended to a clients' specifications as long as the amendments are not contrary to the BVI Business Companies Act.

- Legal Opinion or Legal Advice from a BVI Law Firm.
We can refer you to our BVI lawyers for a legal opinion or legal advice in relation to your offshore company.

- BVI Company Liquidations, Voluntary Dissolution.
We can arrange for the dissolution/liquidation of your offshore company - under our control, if such services are required by the owners of the company.

- Certificate of Incumbency (Registered Agent Certificate).
We provide a Certificate of Incumbency to clients that require such a certificate in relation to their own BVI company. A Certificate of Incumbency is issued by the BVI Registered Agent of the company and provides various information about the company.

- Power of Attorney.
We can provide a Power of Attorney when we act as director for your offshore company.

- Mailing Address and Mail Forwarding Services.
We can provide you or your offshore company with a BVI post office box number. All mail received will be forwarded to you at an address you specify or held in the BVI, if so desired. Your mail can also be opened in the BVI, contents scanned and then emailed to you.

- BVI Company Search.
We can search the records at the BVI Companies Registry for basic information about any company incorporated in the BVI.


Contact us if you have any questions.

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