Specialist in British Virgin Islands (BVI) Offshore Company Incorporations

Amendments to the M&A of a BVI incorporation.

The BVI company can amend its Memorandum or Articles after incorporation. This can be done by a resolution of shareholders or by a resolution of directors. The directors shall not have the power to amend the Memorandum or Articles to restrict the rights or powers of the shareholders to amend the Memorandum or Articles, to change the percentage of shareholders required to pass a resolution to amend the Memorandum or Articles, or in circumstances where the Memorandum or Articles cannot be amended by the shareholders.

Amendments to the BVI incorporation M&A are filed with the Companies Registry by the current registered agent of the company. The fees for amending the M&A will depend on the amendment required. Your BVI service provider or registered agent will provide you with a fee quote before proceeding and an example resolution to make the changes required (if it is a common amendment). Otherwise, you or someone you hire would have to draft a custom resolution for the amendment you require.


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